The Start

My passion and interest for video production began when I took my first digital media class in middle school. Our task was to make a music video. My partner and I both had parents who grew up during the 80's era so we grew up around 80's music. We decided to make our music video to Crush on You by The Jets and Supersonic by JJ Fad. I created this video using a regular digital camera and a Mac computer. Sadly, the real video got corrupted on my teachers computer. Thankfully, I still had the footage so I recreated the video using windows movie maker on my own computer. My teacher had already given us an A grade and I did not have to recreate this video but it was in this moment that creating videos was something I enjoyed and I wanted to recreate it. This video is extremely embarrassing and not the best work but I'm including it into my portfolio because I think it's important to acknowledge where you started from. It shows how much I've improved, grown, and learned from that first initial spark. 

The Growth

From then, I had always taken the initiative to utilize my passion for video production for personal purposes, school, and work. Whenever there was an opportunity to create a video I took it. 


I worked at a before and after school program and video production was not in my job description but I felt that all the wonderful things we were doing in the program should be shown. So, I took the initiative to create a video of our first ever summer program as well as a video showing how our program incorporates STEM.  My successful videos led to the purchase of a GoPro for our program so we could continue creating videos to show the impact of our program. 

Let's Get Educated on Breast Cancer

For my final senior project of my undergraduate career, I chose to make a video about breast cancer awareness on college campuses. I found a lot of research that showed that there is a lack of breast cancer information on college campuses but there are still a good amount of college students who get breast cancer. The purpose of my video was to test whether it was true that there is a lack of knowledge on college campuses by asking students what the risk they could get breast cancer in their lifetime was and filming their initial reactions. What appears in the video is the distress and uncertainty students displayed when asked the question proving that there is a lack of knowledge. 

2016 Recap

I always enjoy using video production for personal use. I love to capture and document my experiences as a way to relive my experience and share it with others.