Ube Horchatta Cold Brew and City Views

FrankieLucy Bakeshop

I just found this place on instagram about a week ago and I was instantly captivated. I read the words "ube horchatta cold brew" and "ube brownie" and instantly wanted to check this place out. Finally having free time to go - I dragged Earl along to come try it out with me. 

I didn't get a chance to picture my desserts but we ended up getting a few custards and the ube brownie. I think I hyped this place too much in my head because it was just mediocre to me and I probably won't be coming back. Though, the owner was extremely nice and shook everyones hand and introduced herself. 

Silverlake Hidden Stairs

Since we were in the area I decided to take Earl along on an adventure. My friend had recommended checking these hidden stairs out so that's what we did. 


I was really excited to check out the music box steps because I heard they're painted like pianos. When we got here we walked up all 66 steps and none of them were painted. It was disappointing. After this we tried another set of stairs which was also unpainted but it was a fun adventure so I didn't mind too much. 

Silverlake Farmers Market

We continued to take advantage of being in the area and decided to check out the local farmers market. It's pretty small but they had a great selection of fresh fruit and vegetables which we happened to cop. We also went around and took advantage of all the samples, my favorite part. 

Hollywood Bowl Overlook

I went with Earl to Burbank to get a haircut and on our way back we spontaneously decided to drive up Mulholland Drive. On our way up, we noticed an overlook and decided to stop. It was the hollywood bowl overlook and both of us have never been there before. I was so amazed at how beautiful the view was! Luckily, we got there at right about sunset so the hues in the sky were beautiful. From this spot you get a breathtaking view of downtown LA and the Hollywood sign. I'm so glad we found this spot because its easily one of my new favorites.