Seattle | April 2017

Day 1

This trip happened because Earl was assigned his level 1 fieldwork in Seattle for a week. While I couldn't spend the entire week with him, I was able to come up the weekend before. Our first day started on a Friday at 3:30AM when we called the lyft to take us to the airport. Once arrived, we headed straight for the dreaded TSA line. We had about 45 minutes to spare once we got through until it was time to board. Our plane took off at 6:05AM. Though, quite exhausted I still managed to stay awake for a bit to catch a glimpse of the beautiful sunrise. 

We arrived, got our luggage and walked over the the train which took us as close as we could to our Airbnb in West Seattle. From there we took a lyft. When we arrived we got settled and Earl got straight to work because he had an assignment to finish up. He finished up around noon and we made our way into the city straight to Pioneer Square. Our intentions were to go to a local popular pasta restaurant called il Corvo which is only open on the weekdays for lunch. Unfortunately, my stomach was too hungry and I couldn't wait in the long line so we went to Biscuit B*tch instead. From there we began to walk towards Pike's place. On the way we were stunned to catch our first glimpse at the beautiful cherry blossom trees.  

Pike Place Market Gum Wall

We continued walking and ended up finding the famous gum wall by chance. 

Pike Place Chowder

Next up, we hit the pike place chowder. The line was incredibly long and we were contemplating if we should even wait. Luckily, the guy in front of us was there the day before and told us it would go quickly. Earl brought his kendama and began to do some tricks which really fascinated the lady behind us. This started great conversation with her and her family which definitely sped up the wait for the line.

We got a sampler and if you check in on yelp you get $1 off! We got the New England Chowder, Smoked Salmon Chowder, Crab & Oyster Chowder, and their market special which I think was a lobster and corn chowder. All of them were phenomenal and hands down the best chowder I've ever had.  

With full stomaches we continued exploring the Pike's Place Market. 

After we had enough of the pike place area we continued walking towards Olympic Sculpture Park. 

The Space Needle

We kept walking and walking and eventually found our way to the Space Needle! 

Chihuly Garden and Glass

At the base of the space needle you'll find many museums. We decided to check out the Chihuly Garden and Glass. Admission to get in was $22 a person and was easy to buy through a little machine outside. 

Inside was full of breathtaking glass art pieces. I was not expecting to be as blown away as I was by all the beauty. 

This was definitely my favorite part of the museum! It was a bright and spacious glass room with beautiful yellow and red glass flowers hanging from the ceiling. When you looked up, you got a unique view of the space needle. 

Outside they had the gardens which was full of various flowers, plants, and glass art pieces. 

After the museum, we kept walking and ran into a cool park and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which is free admission. There were only 10 minutes left until they closed but we decided challenge accepted and went through quickly. 

Citizen Cafe and Bar

Unfortunately, Earl still had a bit left to do on the assignment so we found a cafe nearby which also happened to be a bar. So instead of coffee we got a beer and got to work. 

Our stomachs began to cry of hunger again and we decided to follow the advice of our Lyft driver and check out Ivar's salmon house. After a quick bus ride we were nearby and began to make our way. 

At this location there was both a restaurant and a seafood bar. We chose the cheaper and more laid back option which was the seafood bar. There were tables in the front but if you wandered a bit you'd find that just around the corner is waterfront seating. 

We got the Cod and Salmon Fish n Chips along with some smoked salmon chowder. I knew during my time in Seattle I wanted to get some fish n chips so I'm glad we checked out Ivar's because it did not disappoint. 

Gas Works Park

When I asked my friend Debbie where I should go while in Seattle she said "Gas Works Parks!" After eating at Ivar's it was about a mile walk away so we decided to just go for it. 

I'm so happy we did because it was such a breathtaking view on our first night. 

Freemont Troll

It's funny because I made a google map of all the places I wanted to go in Seattle. I honestly didn't think we we're going to be able to hit everything because it all seemed so spread apart. But within the first day we hit just about everything including the fremont troll which I was most doubtful about being able to see. 

Day 2

The Wandering Goose

The next morning we headed towards Capitol Hill to check out The Wandering Goose, a very popular breakfast spot. 

This place is fairly small but very homey! You go up to the counter, order, receive a number then find a place to sit. 

On the left is an Aunt Annie's Biscuit Sandwich which includes fried chicken, bread & butter pickles, house mustard, and heather's honey. On the right is a Bubble & Squeek which is a braised beef brisket, veggies, potatoes and poached eggs in a skillet. 

Both were absolutely amazing and switching back and forth between the two flavors was definitely the way to go. 

Ada's Technical Books

I love just walking around and exploring because we always end up running into neat places. This place was a bookstore that offered new and used books relating but not limited to computers, math  & physics. They even had a cute little room dedicated to programmers. Along with books they served coffee and pastries as well. 

We were about to get onto the train when we noticed we had 18 minutes to kill so we decided to walk around some more. Right across the street was Dick's drive in, a burger place that was on Earl's Seattle food bucket list. It was extremely cheap and absolutely delicious! 

University of Washington

After a short train ride we arrived at the University of Washington. I instantly fell in love with the campus...I mean check out this library. Can you say Hogwarts? 

I'm glad we came when we did because we were able to witness the beautiful cherry blossom trees that lined the quad. 

It was insanely crowded! 

sooooooo many people! 

But luckily I have Earl who insists on laying on the ground to take picture's of me without any people disrupting it. 

Big Time Brewing Company

After exploring UW we continued to walk around the college town and stumbled into a brewery pub. You could tell it was where all the locals go and I loved that vibe about it. 

Floating Bridge Brewing

We kept walking and ended up in another brewery where we played shuffle board and gave our legs a rest until we got hungry. 

Ezell's Famous Chicken

When we finally got hungry we made our way to Ezell's Famous Chicken. You walk up to the counter and order your food. Unfortunately, there's no place for you to sit here. It started to rain a bit so we went across the street and ate at the bus stop. The moment we bit into our first chicken our eyes rolled back with satisfaction. It was so crispy and juicy that I finished all three pieces I ordered within 2 minutes. I will never have another fried chicken quite like it again. No wonder it's Oprah's favorite!! 

Starbucks Reserve and Tasting Room

In the evening, we decided to check out the reserve and tasting room. It was so huge we didn't even know where to begin. 

By recommendation from the cashier, we got the Rwanda Bushkari as a pour over and a crover. The crover was a lot smoother and probably my preference. After, we went to get ramen at Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya and called it a night. 

Day 3

Fiddlehead Fine Foods & Cafe

On my final day, we started the morning with some breakfast at Fiddlehead. This was also a pay at the counter and grab a seat type of place. 

Pork Hash with seasonal vegetables, poached eggs and roasted garlic cream sauce. I absolutely LOVE hash anything. This by far was the best hash I've ever had. All the flavors meshed sooooo well together. There were regular potatoes, sweet potatoes, brussell sprouts and so many other flavors that just complimented each other so well. 

Biscuits & Gravy with sausage, spinach, and tomatoes. To be honest, I'm not really a biscuits and gravy type of person but this one turned me into one! The best biscuits & gravy I've ever had and I'm so glad we tried it. It is not your typical! 

Ferry to Bainbridge Island

So I used to be a huge Grey's Anatomy fanatic and I remember Dereck and Meredith's thing were ferry rides. Of course being a Grey's Anatomy fan and being in Seattle you feel compelled to connect with the show in some way so I paid $8.50 to go on a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island. 

Bainbridge Island 

I had a flight to catch in the evening so we didn't spend too much time on the island. We took a nice stroll along the trail nearby and the moment we saw a bench we went for it. We had walked so much through the 3 days that we just wanted to sit and relax. Bainbridge was the perfect place for that with it's still calm nature. 

Paseo Carribean Food

My last meal of the trip was at Paseo Carribean Food which has been a sandwich icon to Seattle for over 21 years. They have a commitment to providing the freshest locally sourced ingredients. Don't worry about looking for the sign and let your noses guide you! We smelled this place from three blocks away and knew instantly which way to head. 

This place is known for their Carribean Roast. However, I was really feeling scallops that day so I decided on the Havana Seared Scallops Roll. Inside was sea scallops pan seared in extra virgin olive oil, garlic tapenade and tossed with fresh springs of cilantro. I dove straight into this messy sandwich and scarfed all of it down in less than five minutes. It was sooooo delicious and I was extremely happy with my choice. However, it left my breath reeking terribly of garlic. Definitely worth it though! 

Filling my belly at this amazing place was my last event before flying back home. I said bye to Earl as he walked me to the lyft and wished him good luck for his week long field work experience. Before I knew it I was back in Los Angeles. 


It's crazy to me how much we were able to get down in a 3-day span! (See our google map below) We relied mainly on our legs and the bus system to get around and there were a lot of hills! I definitely came home with shin splints from walking so much but it was so worth it. The weather was gorgeous - all we experienced was a sprinkle. Seattle is definitely a beautiful city and I'm happy I got to cross it off my bucket list.