Joshua Tree | August 2015

The Journey


We all met up at Deidrea's and packed up the car to the top with our stuff 

On the way, we had to stop and get some champagne. 


The AirBnB

We stayed at seriously the cutest AirBnB! 

The First Night

The first night we decided to attempt to take some night shots. 


Everytime Funny story time! Nikki was standing on this ledge like I was and then all the sudden she screams and runs towards us. So we all dip out and run back into the house and I just left my camera out there cause I was so scared haha. Turns out it was just a tiny rat or something. Every time I think about this moment I die with laughter because that moment was just too extra. 

Exploration Day


We came across some ruins and took it as the perfect photo opportunity 


Watcha lookin at Nessa? What's over there? 

I used to rock climb...but that's when I was a little bit boulder. HAHA....get it? 

My friends are so cute 


Everything the light touches is our kingdom 

Nikki & Vanessa practiced their yoga skills out there and showed the rest of us up 

Break Time

It got extremely hot and we got very hungry so we decided to head back to the AirBnB to get ready and head into the town. But first we decided to take some photos. We were messing around with different poses and it took me forever to finally get the straight face down. 


Finally the money shot! 

So seriously everyone in this town is yeah we ended up at some whack place with whack food but its okay because they were nice to us and we left our mark. 

Back to Exploring

We decided to hit up some hikes and headed towards skull rock and arch rock. However, they're not really hikes because they're super close to where you park. But it was still nice because we made sure to explore and of course got to take pictures with these popular spots. 

Home Bound

We fueled ourselves up with some pizza rolls, pigs in a blanket, and some coffee before heading home. On the way, we stopped by Cactus mart where you can pot your own little cacti. Cute and friendly cats reside there also! 


I hate that it took me so long to finally blog about this trip but I finally did. This was our first girls trip not in LA so it was quite the experience for all of us! With all of us going in different career directions and growing up its hard to get together as often. But when we do we're the silly, crazy, weirdest group of bestfriend/sisters anyone could ever have. I love these girls to death and I can't wait for our next girls trip which better be soon! Maybe Lake Tahoe since Nikki is moving to Reno!