Expect the Unexpected: Inyo x REI Opt Outside

The day after Thanksgiving of 2015 - Marie, Carmelisa, and I decided to #Optoutside with REI. It was a movement to stop spending our energy in the stores and start connecting outdoors instead. We extended this invite out to our friends. One of my friend's who I haven't spoken to since middle school reached out and wanted to join. We were the only ones in San Diego and everyone else was meeting in Lancaster. So our adventure began at 4am. 

Our initial plan was to hike to Lone Pine Mountain and witness the beautiful lake that resides there. However, once we began descending up the mountain we realized that it was snowing. 

We quickly realized we weren't equipped for snow hiking and decided to just stop and explore instead. 

We even put up our hammocks from the Elevate Hammock Company

Our time here was short because we became freezing so we drove down and decided to stop at Inyo National Park.


After enough exploring of the area we began driving back home and stopped at Fossil Falls. 

From the freeway you wouldn't even expect that something like this was even here. It was seriously almost like we were back in the dinosaur days. 

The day was full of unexpected experiences but it made us realize that those are the best kinds. If you expect the unexpected you never know what kind of treasures you might find. Our first #optoutside experience brought us a treasure we'd never find in the stores.