Oahu, Hawaii | February 2016

A year later and I am finally posting about this trip! Better late than never, right? (It's like my motto or something for this blog lol). So I'll do my best to recall everything that I can but if I can't well atleast there's the photos to show for the amazing time this trip was.

This trip all began when Emi sent Carmelisa a killer deal on flights to Hawaii. Carmelisa's eyes grew big and she immediately sent the link to Marie and I. Within a 20-minute span of fast typing in all caps and sheer excitement, the four of us had all booked flights. Marie wanted to share the wealth as well and sent the link to Gilbert, Chris, and Sherina who also immediately took up the offer and booked tickets. The six of them all drove up to San Jose the night before their flight and flew out from there. I, on the other hand, flew out by myself from San Diego.  Fun note: It was my last semester of college but I decided to pull a yolo and skip a week of school to go on this trip. I finished all my work and papers the week before and only had to do one assignment while I was there. 

Their flight arrived a couple hours before mine and after we met up he headed over to the Waikiki area. We spent the first night eating ramen and walking around Waikiki. We then parted ways because Marie, Chris, Sherina and I stayed at an Airbnb near the airport while Gilbert stayed with a friend/on a farm and Carmelisa and Emi stayed at Alison's apartment in Honolulu. 

Lanikai Pillbox

The first morning we all met back up and drove over to Lanikai to do the pillbox hike. 

Lanikai Beach

After the pillbox hike we went to grab some breakfast at Boots & Kimos and then headed off to Lanikai beach to cool off. 

Lulumahu Falls

The next day we hopped in the truck and headed over towards Lulumahu Falls. This was our first time in the back of a truck and we were soooooo stoked! 

After many miles and hours spent doing bizarre and crazy things such as scaling 90 degree mud walls we hit a dead end. The hike was a complete fail. Somehow we ended sooooooooo far from the actual waterfall and had to turn around. I was feeling terrible and had the worse headache ever. We were following these red tags thinking they would lead us to the waterfall but we later realized that maybe they were there to tell us to turn around haha. 


Waimanalo Beach

Afterwards we headed towards Waimanalo. 


Spitting Caves

We hung out there for a bit then decided to head to The Spitting Caves for the sunset. 

If you can't tell, sitting in the back of the truck was like pure bliss to me. 

The Spitting Caves were breathtakingly beautiful! 

Carmelisa is such a yogi. Namaste! 

Crouching Lion Hike

The next day we went to hike The Crouching Lion

It was a short steep incline before you were graced with amazing views. 


China Walls

Dole Plantation

Quick stop to Dole Plantation during our sightseeing day 

Sunset Beach

We went to sunset beach and decided to quickly put up our hammocks 

Our hammocks looked so irresistible that some random kid climbed into it and joined Carmelisa lol. 

Oh, how I wish I could go back to this relaxing moment. Fun fact: this day was a leap day! 


What's a Hawaii trip without visiting some turtle friends am I right? 


Magic Island

Sunset at Magic Island! 

Lulumahu Falls Round 2

After our first fail trying to find this place I was like maybe TLC was right "don't go chasing waterfalls" but then I remember Aaliyah said "If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again" and that's what we did! We went back to lulumahu falls and attempted the hike a second time. Luckily, we found it and it was totally worth it! 

Waikiki Beach

It was a Friday night which meant there were gonna be fireworks on the beach so we got to Waikiki around sunset and just hung out until the show. 

Our last hike was Diamond Head. I've been to Hawaii many times but I've never done this hike but I'm glad I finally did! Though it was extremely steep and difficult, the views at the top were totally worth it. 


This was honestly a trip of a lifetime. It was such an impulsive trip and such an adventurous one of that. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have gone on this trip and will always remember this experience with these people <3