4 Days in Colorado

After landing at the Denver airport we realized that public transportation was pretty scarce. So we had no choice but to rent a car. So if you plan to go to Colorado, I highly recommend renting a car! 

Denver Botanical Gardens

Our first stop was the Denver Botanical Gardens! Earl had his student ID so we were able to get in for $9.00. It's usually $12.50! 


It's such a peaceful spot to hit up especially after a plane ride! 

Gates and doorways in Chinese gardens are much more than just portals or barriers. Chinese gardens are regarded as works of poetry, and just as punctuation or form is used to highlight words or phrases in verse, so can a gate or veranda highlight plants or panoramas. The moongate is the most common gate, the simple circle represents the full moon and happiness

REI Denver Flagship Store 

Our last stop before grabbing a bite at Freshcraft in the Lodo area and calling it for the day was the REI flagship store. It was so huge! They had a giant rock wall inside, a river surrounding, and trails all around! I wish I took more photos but I was just so mesmerized! 


Boulder FlatIrons

The next day we decided to head to The Rocky Mountains National Park. On the way, we stopped in boulder. We grabbed a quick bite to eat and some coffee at The Point Cafe then decided to hit up the flatirons nearby! It's such a beautiful place! The trail was nicely paved and the views all around were just unreal. We only hiked a quarter of the way up because we knew we had a long day ahead. 


Rocky Mountains National Park


Bear Lake Loop Trail

Our first stop was the bear lake loop. It's an easy 1 mile round trip hike with a pretty flat trail. You get stunning views of the lake the entire time! 


Alberta Falls

Next we went to the Alberta falls trail which is very close by to the bear lake loop! It's a fairly short and easy hike although there is some incline and tons of wildlife on the way! When we went it was about 11AM and starting to sprinkle, we could hear thunder in the distance. 


Visitor Center

We had planned to go on another lake hike past Alberta falls but because of the weather conditions we decided to change our plans. We drove around and came across a very cute visitors center with relaxing views and some sunshine. 


Rincon Argentino Boulder

On the way back we decided to stop in Boulder again to eat. We happened to stumble across Rincon Argentino for some delicious empanadas and milanesa sandwiches! Sadly, I don't have any photos because my camera had died but their 4.8 star rating on yelp says it all! Afterwards we continued to walk around the city of Boulder and checked out their cute little shops. 

Candela Latin Kitchen

After heading back to our Airbnb for a nap and a shower we decided to head back into the city. At first, we went to a pizza spot to get some Pliney The Elder beer! After we got our fix and two free slices of pizza we realized we were in the mood for something else. Luckily, we found Candela Latin Kitchen in LoHi. This was probably one of our best decisions through the trip because they had THE BEST LOMO SALTADO I'VE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE!!!! And that's an understatement. To this day my mouth still waters for that dish. They just did the dish so different from traditional lomo saltado but it worked! Afterwards, we roamed the city nearby and enjoyed the quiet nightlife. 


Red Rocks Amphitheater

The next day we decided to drive out and check out the beautiful red rocks amphitheater. 


Georgetown Loop Rail

Afterwards, we drove out about an hour and a half to Georgetown so we could ride a train through the Rocky Mountains. On the way, I was a little worried because the clouds were dark and it seemed like it was going to storm. Luckily, when we got there it was cleared up. 


I recommend purchasing tickets a head of time! It wasn't too crowded when we went but I heard that some days it gets sold out. You can reserve your tickets here. It's $36.95 for adults (16+) and $28.95 for kids (3-15). However, check on groupon because sometimes they have a deal going on! Luckily, we were able to snag one of those. 


Honestly, this was one of my favorite parts of the trip! The train ride was just so beautiful and surreal. It felt like something that had appeared out of a childhood dream. 


The also have mining opportunities! 



On the way back, we stumbled upon a restaurant called Uncle. It's an asian fusion spot in the Northwest area. We got Wagyu beef and potatoes (BOMB) and the waiter was nice enough to bring us a complimentary plate of the tofu appetizer which was surprisingly amazing! Sadly, I didn't take any photos here either :( but trust me this place is a must!! 


Our last day we started off in the Northeast area and had breakfast at Onefold. In the middle is the Breakfast Tacos which is made with their in-house handmade flour tortillas, tender belly bacon, scrambled eggs, crispy hashbrowsn, grilled mozzarella cheese and homemade tomatillo sauce! SOOOO AMAZING! Probably best breakfast tacos I've ever had. On the right is the bacon fried rice made with 2 duckfat fried eggs, tender belly bacon, garlic, green onions, soy sauce and chili oil. Also, VERY AMAZING! 


One Mile Above Sea Level

Before we went to the airport we decided to go to the Colorado State Capitol building. We climbed to the 15th step so we could be one mile above sea level. The view was so pretty! 


Colorado was beautiful and refreshing! What surprised me most though was how good their cuisine is! If you're planning to take a trip to Colorado I would say 4 days is definitely plenty of time!