CicLAvia: Heart of LA

For the day, the non-profit CicLAvia closed down some iconic streets in Downtown LA and allowed them open for cyclists, bladers, and pedestrians to use. We rented some bikes courtesy of Metro Bike Sharing with a $7 day pass. We started in echo park and rode our way down into downtown


Probably one of my favorite moments is when we got to ride through the entirety of the 2nd ave tunnel. I couldn't help smile because I never thought i'd get the chance to experience that tunnel without thick pieces of metal inbetween (aka the car lol)


lol, I just realized the guy next to us was doing a wheelie! 


This was my absolute favorite part of the ride because it's such a rare site to see without being in traffic!


This was at the top of Boyle Heights which was super cool because I have never made it out into this neighborhood before. It was so cool to experience different neighborhoods I might've never gone to without partiicpating in this event. 


I seriously can't wait for the next DTLA event because it was so much fun!! Shout out to the volunteers and all the participants. I loved seeing families and friends come out and enjoy such a great time together.